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November 11, 2019
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December 10, 2019
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Trust in Your True Divine Nature


 ‘ Dear Child of the Universe, YOU are of Stardust and Sun,

an Illumined One, ready to Show Up and Shine, as you embody the 

Wisdom, Power and Love of your Radiant Heart…’ 

Beautiful Souls! I am feeling ignited to share some Inspiration into your Inbox to illuminate your thoughts on Trust.

You were pushed from a very young age to trust your parents, your peers, your teachers, your employers, etc… but no-one ever taught you to trust in yourself!

Trusting in yourself; in your astounding ability and capacity to co-create change that aligns with your heart desires, is what will weave the beauty of your birthright into your world. Your birthright of Happiness, Abundance and Joy!

It is important to see yourself as your own planet of perfection; orbiting around opportunities and gravitating towards your great good fortune, your Soul’s powerful plan for your purpose in this moment.

You magnetise your magnificence through trusting the Power of Prayer (or Conscious Conversation with the Source of All That Just Is, if the word of prayer triggers you). Prayer supports the presence of your I AM Power to align with your holy higher self and co-create all that you wish to see in your world.

Think of your personal prayer time as a journey from head to heart. Where you understand that your head holds the magnificent machine that is your mind and your heart holds the force that drives it. This force is powerful fuel indeed, this is the force of Love and it is love that will leverage you beyond all the limitations that you have let yourself believe to be real.

As you pray, you prepare the way for your intuition (your higher self) to inspire you with right choices; you lean into the wisdom within you and Trust in your true Divine nature, that will always direct you to feel your way forward and flourish!

May you manifest miracles and magic through the Power of your Prayer,

All love …Tanya xxx