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March 7, 2017
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March 7, 2017
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The Language of Love Infinite…Know Your Truth

There is a turning point of truth opening and becoming available to the many souls who have walked their galactic heritage of love infinite whilst being moved by mountains of engaged energies in the negative…yet have continued to walk upon this path with the winds behind them whispering ‘I know this to be true’…

I know my heart and my heart speaks only of love and this is my truth and my key to support all humanity…there is no other way.

Light codes of creation activate in new DNA strands of sound and sight, revealing more truth and more capacity to awaken to what has been real all along – that love for self is the radiant gem, the golden good, in raising not only your own vibration but others as well…..Love for self is so paramount NOW because it will steer your spirit through the dense undercurrents of despair, anger, outrage and confusion and glide you to where the waters of the womb glisten with the wisdom of Divine Mother’s nurture; her heart is home and home is where the heart is.

No longer are you detouring or distracting yourself from self, now you see that self is not an island but connected consciously to a vast community of individuals with inspired ideas of Love that may waver but never bow down to the dense energies that exist and extract your life force and love frequency.

We are light bodies for activation, no longer physical bodies needing reaction and delusion to know we are here – NOW we resonate and respond with new acceptance of our truth and the whole truth – we are the Guardians of the Earth Manifesto and now we vibrate as heaven on earth.

The infinite vibration of love, lifts the lid off pre-dated, out-dated energy bands that have bound people to the beliefs of others – to cultural beliefs, social standards, to boxed-in values, perceptions and apparent ‘prescriptions’ for happiness that is suggested from a base level, not a ‘spirit of freedom’ level.

Base level being the material greed propaganda – we need more…as opposed to the spirit song of “I am more and I am enough”…

Happiness is a heart experience…you cannot hold it, own it, contain it – it lives in the home of your heart knowing and happiness is your birth right and your Sacred Source of light energy.

As the vibrations of the New Earth energies are raising within us, we become super sensitive to all communication that is not of this light ray and there is a push to empower, by taking responsibility for holding sacred space for self and others through conscious thought, connection, communication and creativity.

All issues magnified in the mind set of ‘now’ have but one Source – the resistance to receiving LOVE on all levels and how we PERCEIVE Love to be or not to be.

Love is a high vibrational frequency found to regulate every cell in our bodies and this frequency is the same life force that lives in the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom…in fact in all energy, because everything is energy! Glorious ethers of radiant light that are rays of a greater Source energy of which we are also One……so the language of limitation, of withhold, of closed communication seems incredibly heavy and quite pointless in comparison to this light language of Love and Love sees Love….Love magnetises to and manifests more love and Love expands with Love.

The lesson to learn is that Love can only attract and vibrate with Love…therefore if your vibration is not of Love, it will have an equal reaction that will have to be less than Love….there is no other way!

If your intention is not clear and certain and infused in your love/light language – than it leaves you carrying your limitations, your fears, your failures, your upset and reaches the other soul with those whispers weaving into the communication…..but they will be heard and they will be felt and they will ignite a  reaction into that persons limitations and fears and loss, etc

So the level is energetically equal but with nowhere to leverage – until you stand for Love on every level, maintain silence and respite with Source energy – get clear, get clarity, get your lessons…then reach to connect and communicate from this refreshed Love space because this area will speak of new possibility, hope, happiness, belonging and beginnings….and this is received and felt fully.

Love breaks down the barriers of miscommunication, it leads with light energy so only expansion is possible – but Love cannot be contained within the constraints of time…only Divine timing shall prevail and we must know this truth to know our way forward.

Anything less than a Love intention will be disempowering for all involved.

We are here to lift not lower the vibrations of soul family and so it is. We are here to see/feel/know the heart of the matter, not the drama, not the doubt, not the upset – these are symptoms of a self not loving self….and the truth shall set you free.

AshaTara and Shekinah speaks……