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September 22, 2019
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November 11, 2019
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Taurus Full Moon – Embody your 11:11 Soul Shift

The exquisite energy of the coming Taurus Full Moon is a bud to bloom expansion ignited by today’s delicious date of 11:11.

Every cell in your body responds to the transformational frequency codes of 11:11 – so every year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month this nurturing numerology radiates an inner knowing into your higher heart chakra, that you re-remember what the Universal Year Numerology has been holding for you and your Soul’s Divine Plan.

2019 has been holding the Universal ‘3’ year energy – a holy vibration of Christ Consciousness Connection that supports you to ‘see’ through the lens of love, the infinite possibilities available in this vast ocean of opportunity, that you know as LIFE…and Choose Happiness, Abundance and Joy!

As your journey through 2019 is coming to completion, the 11:11 trigger is asking you ‘where have you stayed in the shallows this year when you could have been diving deep?’ Deep into your Divine direction through devotion, self-expression, self-love and self-care.

This Taurus Full Moon is facilitating COMPLETION. What do you need to release to rise in your radiant light? Are you willing to let go of your old story to let in your new one?

Together we are walking into the New Earth Prosperity Paradigm, are you willing to empower your personal prayer for self and for service to the whole? Abundance is your birthright and this moon is manifesting a far greater awareness of the energy of exchange…financial flows will find you!

Every lifetime is for learning…not yearning for things to stay the same…for this does not align with the Divine Law that speaks of change as the only true constant in life.

Get excited and ignited! There are huge, harmonious changes happening in the cosmic consciousness of 2020 and it is good to prepare your path now!

Taurus will always teach you the medicine of Earth Mother; and the lesson under this lunar light is to be a LUMINARY!  A Luminary is a person who inspires others, who leads from the wisdom within them…use the signs and symbols of Earth Mother to support your soul’s self-expression.

Your devotion will always direct you. Awaken to your inner Altar of Abundant Blessings through gratitude and grace, from this sacred space you create a place of potential…fertilised with faith, blessed by your new beliefs and rich with the knowledge that you are now co-creating a Soul Path of fulfillment, flow, beauty, harmony, happiness, abundance, wealth, well-being and JOY!

During this 11:11 frequency and Taurus Full Moon flow, you will be extra intuitive and very receptive to receiving Divine Guidance and Grace from your Holy Higher Self…Listen, learn and Love Out Loud!

All blessings of Illumination…you are the Beloved…a Luminary of a Love Revolution…I love your Golden Glow! Tanya M AshaTara xxx