Day 33 – Completion of an ‘Altar a Day for 33 Days…’
May 14, 2017
June 4, 2017
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Super New Moon in Gemini – Why is it a Super New Moon?

A ‘super’ Moon is a new or full moon coinciding with Perigee – which simply means ‘near earth’. So this new moon in Gemini is ‘near earth’ and supersizing our thoughts; the traits of the astrology sign of Gemini has 2 personalities, sociable and serious, yet I am sure we can all feel the many facets of our diamond light this way and choose to align stillness into the space.

You may have been feeling a little ‘air-headed’ recently, not quite finding your feet on the earth and finding you feel tired and ‘tested’ by your environment… like all noise seems so much louder than usual. Be gentle with your spirit, there is a lot of change in the ‘air’, a lot of thoughts flying about, because generally people are challenged by change and their thoughts shift from loving to limiting very quickly.

As spiritually aware BEings you are able to bless balance into your sacred inner space and gift this to others as well. Your point of power propels peace upon the planet and we all need to know peace right now…stay in stillness, step in mindful meditation and manifest some magic in the moment…this alone will put ‘super’ into the lunar landscape of Love and allow new thoughts, words and actions to arise that will awaken a deeper sense of sacred…be of service to self which is being of service to all…bless.

Artist: Jake Baddeley