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December 10, 2019
December 30, 2019
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Solstice Ceremony – Love Your Light!

Today is the December Solstice; the word Solstice literally means ‘sun standing still’, so the Great Central Sun is gifting you with a magical moment to shift your focus and your flows.

Whether the Solstice falls for you as the longest day of light (in the Southern Hemisphere) or the shortest day of light (Northern Hemisphere) I ask you to allow the possibility that you are light!

The Solstice is about ceremony with the Sun. The Ancient Mystery Schools created temples to receive direct downloads during the Solstice and standing in salutation to the Sun around the Globe are stone structures (think Stonehenge) to magnify the power of Light.

The beautiful warmth of the Solstice sun opens a sacred space within you for peace, balance and deep self-love. Regardless of what ‘season’ you are in, choose to feel the golden light rays of love moving to you and through you, feel at home in your sacred skin and embrace your global family, send heart hugs of happiness and joy for the journey that we are all sharing together. Shine brightly!

This Solstice there are abundant flows of love and light codes to support your soul’s expression of Divinity and devotion. This is the Gateway to far greater good, that permeates the dense energy layers of limitation and distrust.

Now is a glorious time to give! To give your understanding, your acceptance, your attention, your kindness and all energy exchange, that there are circles and cycles of gratitude and grace flowing freely.

All that you think, say and do shall be made manifest quickly and swiftly, in the positive or negative, your choice. Renounce the need to be anything less than a beacon of rich substance and true beauty.

Waves of wonderful feelings of connection and new direction will be felt fully in the holy human hearts that are willing to be mindful, to meditate, to pray and to prepare for a change within. For it is within you that the greatest gifts are revealed in each moment.

Gifts of guidance, wisdom, rich ideas and creative solutions now manifest as miracles of new thought, beautiful language and deep compassion.

There is nothing outside of you that can possibly match the exquisite force of wisdom, power and love within you, for you are the Divine expression of Mother/Father God’s perfect plan; living the language of love that needs no interpretation, for Love Just Is.

Love is not demanding, unforgiving, cruel or harsh. Discard the abrasive dialogue of thoughts and feelings now that harm no-one except yourself.

Come into the Power of Prayer, of right action, of rich response and you will manifest more of your magnificence and be a beautiful beacon of blessings upon the earth.

Right speech seems simple, but it takes courage to speak against controlled conditioning, yet you must live in alignment and integrity with your soul’s perfect plan of peace and prosperity for all.

Take time today to feel the rays of the Sun on your face; light candles, gather fresh flowers, let nature nurture you as you honour “all that you are and all that you are becoming”. May all Soul Travellers be blessed beyond belief with the syrup of the Sun – the Source of All That Just Is.

Only love…Tanya M AshaTara xxx

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