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January 9, 2020
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February 23, 2020
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New Moon meets White Metal Rat – Radical Responsibility for Rich Results!

This New Moon celebrates the Chinese New Year and the inspirational influence of White Metal Rat – bringing blessings for business and beginnings. If you are ready to be resourceful, then Rat is ready to deliver rich ideas and rich results. (insert happy dance for renewal, radiance and rain)

In right relationship with Rat energy, you are no longer able to rest in the comfort of your conditioning – change is calling you, welcoming you, inspiring you to dive deep into unchartered waters and surface with strength, clarity and confidence.

Comfort is not your true friend and your self-imposed boundaries are no longer your ‘besties’. Like Rat, you must use your Divine Intelligence and navigate new neural pathways that align with the design of your personal soul path and prayer…

2020 Year of the Rat invites radical responsibility with rich results

through the power of positive choice.

What you resist will persist.

What you desire will transpire if you are willing to take radical responsibility for your greatest good!

Where is your focus? Are you feeling fear or faith? Fear of not being good enough will seep into your soul and undo all your best intentions for change…but Rat loves small dark spaces and is ready to be your Beacon of Light so you can build a firm foundation.

A firm foundation fuels your Faith. Faith fuels new feelings that you are good enough and worthy enough and now you propel your potential and empower your path.

Rat loves to gnaw away your old beliefs. Question everything! Questions bring decisive direction and deepen your connection to the truth of what you really want…what your soul yearns for you to experience and then expand.

Who do you think you are? Because authentic answers will reveal revelations…what you think, you become, so maybe you need to think again.

Rat is the master of manifesting solutions that enable you and your loved ones to evolve in natural and nurturing ways. You have a magnificent mind; be creative, inventive, be in the business of building wealth with a plan…visualise to materialise your beautiful dreams and desires.

Close your eyes; see the beauty of you embracing something new. Visualise this morning and night for it is your prescription for prosperity and peace.

Rat will always adapt…and so will you.

All blessings of illumination and joy…Tanya M AshaTara

Artist: Tanya Shatseva