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March 10, 2017
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March 10, 2017
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Soul Reading Empowerment Package

If you are experiencing consistent symptoms of “Soul Sickness” (see symptoms below) I would highly recommend you consider the Soul Empowerment Package.


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The Soul Reading Empowerment Package occurs over a three week period and will require a willingness to create change. All sessions are recorded for future reference to cd or digital format.

Week One: A Soul Purpose Reading in person or on skype.

Week Two: An intuitive mentoring session where we clarify your Divine direction and the key points of purpose from your reading in week one (in person or on skype).

Week three: As the wayseer for your Divine direction, together we ‘map your magnificence’ with empowering tools to effectively shift and maintain a ‘feel good frequency’ that will alter your life in magical and abundant ways…this is Spiritual Alchemy – the ability to turn all experiences into love…love for a life that you love to live! (In person or on skype).

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