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August 6, 2019
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September 13, 2019
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Virgo New Moon – See the Symbolism

Beautiful Souls, as you complete a moon cycle and move into co-creating new intentions with the vibrant Virgo Earth Maiden, I ask you to allow the possibility that you are surrounded by signs and symbols that are guiding you in grace towards your greatest good.

Virgo values deeply the abundance of right relationship with our Earth Mother, who speaks to your soul path of purpose through the language of all living things;

Have you tuned into trusting your totem animal?

Have you found feathers or flowers that remind you of the heart gifts of loved ones passed?

Have you felt the gentle breeze of a blessing sweeping a smile upon your face?

Have you travelled the trail of a butterfly and delighted in this detour like a child in play?

Have you heard the whale song whispering wisdom into your BEing?

Have you hugged your heart because a tree of great beauty is waving at you?

Have you welcomed the warmth of the sun and received the golden rays of renewal?

Has a spectacular sunset taken your breath away and reassured you that life is truly lovely?

Virgo is patient, humble and kind, always bringing the solutions to your perceived problems…let her true Divine nature NURTURE you into this new moon cycle with happiness, harmony and love.

Paint the sky and let your spirit fly!

All blessings of Illumination…Tanya xxx

Artist: Duy Huynh