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January 25, 2020
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New Moon in Pisces with Goddess Oshun

New Moon in Pisces with Goddess Oshun

‘Let my sweet love and gentle grace flow through you like living waters of light and renewal…’

The presence of African Divine Feminine Goddess Oshun can be felt as a sweet syrup softly washing through you; a liquid light of Living Waters that gently carries you with the currents of Christ Consciousness, bathing you in blessings of beauty and beginnings.

This New Moon is nurturing the intentions that you have already been integrating for several months and is now helping you to release all resistance to your greater good. Let yourself be swept into the sea of synchronicity, by surrendering your stagnant, stubborn thoughts to the rivers of renewal.

Divine Love is flooding the earth with beauty-full high frequency, dimensional light, lifting you from limitation and supporting transformation.

If you have been feeling extra emotional or overwhelmed recently, or perhaps a bit uncertain, see these as signs that you are growing…outgrowing an old paradigm of density, to embody a new paradigm of prosperity and perfect peace.

You will deplete massive energy resources by ‘holding in’ or over-thinking the spectrum of your emotions, when you could simply feel your truth, choose your truth and ‘travel’ in the direction of your dreams.

You have heard me say this a million times…” What you Resist, Will Persist!” Be receptive to the rivers of regeneration, remember that Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, so there is an ending and a beginning occurring in the Astrological cycle; a time of completion and of creation that will energetically be felt by you, whether physically, mentally or spiritually…this is a good thing!

Let Goddess Oshun guide you in her living light to your Ocean of Opportunity…feel her flows of good fortune as you surface feeling sacred in your skin…you are ready to be radiant!

Shine brightly beautiful Child of the Universe…you belong, and you are strong…bow to the blessings in your life!

I Love your light…Tanya M AshaTara x