Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a beautiful and powerful gift of self-nurture; it is medicine for the mind, syrup for the soul and ‘Yoga for the Heart’ – stretching your spiritual practice to engage magnificent vast spaces of mindfulness that support a journey of joy to radiant heart expression.

You feel deeply the essence of who you really are; an empowered light body living in a physical environment, learning the language of Love.


“I am the infinite expression of radiant light. I am forever unfolding and revealing the Divine design for my life…I dive deeply into the depths of my awakening, trusting that I am held and that I am enough…”       AshaTara


Meditation inspires our creative capacity to BE more….

more love; more compassion; more centred; more balanced; more healed and infinitely more aware of our spiritual anatomy.

Guided meditation opens a portal of powerful energy providing a platform for your own inner journey. It is about feeling held in a space of grace and sanctuary, to celebrate with deep gratitude the perfection of you – all that you are and all that you are becoming.

My Guided Meditations flow with unique frequencies that you will integrate with your own soul interpretation – codes of creation for you to re-remember your purpose and passion for the planet and for living a life rich with beauty, abundance and a strong sense of sacred and well-being. It is your very nature that gives you the nurture you need to feel inspired by life itself.

Ultimately Guided Meditation is about peeling away the layers of self-imposed limitation; this journey from head to heart holds precious jewels…’diamonds on the inside’ that dissolve doubt and indecision and direct you to your personal point of power; the wisdom within you.

I feel blessed beyond belief by the beautiful souls who attend my weekly guided meditation evenings and special meditation events…namaste


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Crystal - Gold Coast

Tanya provides a truly peaceful and healing space for meditation classes; they are the ultimate in relaxation and nurturing for the soul. A great way to indulge and meet like-minded people…

Sue - Beenleigh

I've been coming to Tanya's meditation for 1 & half years now. I find her energy and insights are awesome. Tanya is also a very loving and caring person…

Sharon - Gold Coast

I have the most amazing experiences during Tanya's meditations, even just walking into the room makes my body it…..

Abby - Gold Coast

Tanya's meditations are so peaceful and enjoyable. The way she guides you to your heart connection is so loving and every word that comes from her mouth is like a flower in bloom with a sacred honour to the Divine.

Susan - Southport

Guided meditation with Tanya has been an amazing experience for me. I have learnt to quieten my mind and get in touch with my higher self and spirit which has really helped me to let go of all my worries.

Kerry - Merrimac

Tanya's meditations have been nothing short of transformative. Each time, I am transported to a place of healing, love and tranquillity, which has facilitated a deeper understanding of myself and my journey.

Cristina - Gold Coast

I have found meditation with Tanya so valuable in helping me to focus on what is important and stress less about insignificant things….it is great to take time out from my everyday high pressure life and come back feeling completely refreshed, calm and relaxed. Meditation with Tanya helps me to realign myself and feel more clarity and less stress…it is a wonderful space and everyone is so friendly….

Kerrie - Southport

The feeling of warmth, love and spirituality greets you at any one of Tanya's meditation sessions.  Some people leave their shoes at the door, but I always have the feeling I leave my worries or negativity there.  During the meditations Tanya's calming tone creates a journey - a journey that you then run with and you can experience overwhelming feelings of, not only love, but of 'light' in so many forms.  When I leave, I leave with a positive outlook for my journey ahead.