New Moon in Pisces with Goddess Oshun
February 23, 2020
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March Equinox – The Celestial Line of Love Made Manifest

An Equinox will always be a powerful portal of enlightened energy and a gateway that opens you to enhanced feelings of well-being, balance and a strong sense of community and unity. Could this occur at a better time for us now?

For eons of time, those that have walked before us; the Wise Ones, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, the Elders and the Ancients, have looked to this celestial line of love and understood deeply, that the NURTURE of Earth Mother is celebrated through the NATURE of your Being, in alignment with the equal acceptance of both light and shadow within you and within life. You harmonize with the hemispheres held in sacred space by the distance of the Sun.

One hemisphere rises to meet the celestial equator above our Earth to seed new beginnings and birth illumination through positivity and empowerment (Spring)… whilst the other hemisphere takes time out to rest and renew in the arms of the Mother, receiving her tender loving care, shedding old beliefs and dropping into the vast deep ocean of Love and renewal (Autumn).

In Australia, the Southern Hemisphere is SURRENDERING to the sanctuary of Autumn; softening to receive the Divine feminine flows that revive your life force and integrate the finer frequencies of light energy pouring forth upon the planet…you are gently sharing kindness and compassion to heal and help yourself and others.

In the Northern Hemisphere, many are SPRINGING into action, feeling a natural pull to ignite their mission, message and magical gifts and share and care for the planet with compassion and courage.

Now you can allow the possibility in your awareness, that the left and right hemispheres of your brain also have a ‘celestial equator’; a point of unity with the Divine, that when balanced, will co-create with Divine intelligence to empower your path and the planet!

In this time of the unknown, remember that you came to walk the Way of Love…you are literally pioneering new pathways of peace and prosperity. You were born to be a beacon…shine brightly!

When you as an individual are choosing to actively illuminate your I AM Presence of Peace and Power, it is called EXPANSION. When enough individuals are standing in their I AM Presence and Power as a conscious collective, it is called ASCENSION.

It is the conscious community collective embodiment of ‘feel good’ frequencies that radiates a brighter, better and more loving and wholesome way forward…this is the flame of love that fuels a people and a planet with peace, purpose and protection.

What are you co-creating to CONTRIBUTE to the Global Glow? What waves of wonderful are flowing freely from your heart? How can you create calm in a sea of confusion?

Be blessed beautiful Soul Travellers, I honour deeply all that you are and all that you are becoming…may your unique line of love be made manifest as miracles of healing, harmony and happiness….xxx