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March 7, 2017
April 2, 2017
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Karma – It’s About ‘Soul Shine’, Not ‘Soul Struggle’…

There are life times and life times and layers upon layers of energetic contracts that will always require completion and the Earth plane is the platform for this empowerment and understanding.

It is all very simple really – what you inflict in the negative or the positive upon another, you must then experience for yourself, to understand the feelings and emotional attachments and outcomes that are created by each and every one of your thoughts, words and actions.

For every action there will be a reaction and also a choice point…it is held within the choice point, as to how the vibrational frequencies will travel – when you respond outside of drama and perceived hurt and unhappiness you remain in your heart centre and create a cord that links to the golden chain of good and seeks to secure another link and another, creating a wave of wonderful that continues to wash upon your spiritual path.

When you choose to react and immerse yourself in drama; allowing your point of power to dissolve into doubt, despair and indecision, you create more cords of connection, that attach to a different vibrational frequency but with the same intention as the positive….to attach more and more links and continue the energy lines.

Where there is karma between two souls, it is because both souls have already decided to complete a specific learning together – it is actually a very beautiful pact and takes powerful teachers to instruct each other through the dense physical frequencies to the empowering and enlightening frequencies of love and light infinite.

The judgement of good, bad and indifference upon all events that appear of a karmic nature is of no consequence to the absolute magnificence of clearing weight in your soul contract – releasing the baggage to begin anew and there you have the cycles of nature itself; birth, death, rebirth – birth, death, rebirth experienced so many times in one lifetime if you are openly embracing change and welcoming comfort as a distant friend, not a companion to keep close.

Karma comes in many clothes; you can fill a wardrobe with wonderful outfits that create closets of fine spiritual cloth, adorning many in magnificence… or you can fill a wardrobe with wasteful, weary outfits that you will wear heavily, weighed down by burdens of judgement and create cloth of chaos and confusion that you than ask others to ‘wear’ with you.

Free is the soul that seeks to adorn their sacred skin with loving, kind and empowering thoughts of goodwill and support for all….this is true wealth and well-being.

It is only when you see yourselves as a supporter of these love lines that you raise your own vibration and expand ever more into the creation of conscious mindfulness; what you do, wish, say, think for another – you are doing, wishing, saying and thinking for yourself…there is no ‘better than’ but there is ‘brighter than’ and the bright sparks ignite the awareness for other soul sparks to shine also.

Karma is used in a very off hand manner often; used to barter and inflict hurt ‘watch out for your karma’, ‘glad I am not you’…. This is not the intention of the Divine teachings of karma, for it is devoid of any personal responsibility or willingness to find a better way. You clear your karma the minute you see a greater learning and claim your part with honesty….you and only you, are responsible for your own gains and gains are greater insights to the facets of the diamond that is you.

Where there is forgiveness and heart intention to heal, there is birthed a new awareness and all negative cords of energetic attachment dissolve to native nothingness and this is a new moment in the time of Now……abundant light blessings for the evolution of your soul.

AshaTara and Shekinah speaks