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July 31, 2019
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August 29, 2019
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Illuminate Your True Divine Nature of Inner Peace

“Persist with Your Practise of Inner Peace; it is a slow Surrender to Certain Joy…”

Inner Peace is a daily practise; a willingness to create time for stillness and sanctuary through prayer, gratitude, appreciation of nature, meditation and anything else that enables you to ‘lose yourself and find yourself’.

The journey from your head to your heart is a pilgrimage that will lead you to love..there may be many detours, but it is all part of the same trip.

The experience of feeling freedom and calm and belonging and joy, are all syptoms that your soul is surrendering to stillness…I have listed a few more ‘symtoms’ of inner peace below to encourage you to keep going…!

  1. Overwhelming joy, born of gratitude and appreciation for all the beauty in your life.
  2. A smile that is contagious…spreading loving kindness everywhere!
  3. No desire to mind anyone else’s business but your own.
  4. A realisation that you love who you are and who you are becoming.
  5. An uncontrollable urge to be present in every moment.
  6. An unmistakeable release from the fear of the past or the future.
  7. Losing the capacity to recall the word stress in your vocabulary.
  8. An active acceptance of your family and friends, just the way they are.
  9. An exquisite love for yourself as a pilgrim for peace.
  10. A freedom to ‘flow and grow’ through every obstacle and challenge with the grace of a guru.
  11. An awakening to the knowing that ‘You are Your Own Guru’.

All blessings of peace and empowerment for this day and every day…x