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April 11, 2019
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Full Moon in Libra – Can You Feel Your Resurrection…

Full Moon in Libra (again) – Can You Feel Your Resurrection?

“There’s more to life than just being a passenger…”
Amelia Earhart

This April Full Moon in Libra falls on Good Friday, so is offering you the symbolism of Crucifixion and Resurrection; a time to look within and decide what needs to go and what needs to grow. Will you choose to evolve as a ‘participant’ or a ‘passenger’ and re-awaken or ‘resurrect’ new intentions for your Soul Path.

Beautiful Mother Moon offers the fullness of her love, balance and wisdom during this time to support you to ‘feel’ your way forward, to honour your intuition and believe to receive new beginnings.

I have listed below 5 wonderful ways that will integrate a sense of Resurrection or Restoration for Divining new Direction in your daily life;

1. Notice Beauty in all things! Notice your exquisite beauty as a manifestation of Divine Will, notice the Beauty in others and notice the abundant signs of beautiful rebirth in the splendour of Nature.

2. Be a Joy Bringer! Rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of your past and choose to be present! Feel the revelation of knowing that ‘you are enough’, you are an expression of the Divine. Shine and share your light… offer Hope.

3. Be a disciple of Love-in-Action…pay it forward, listen to hear, inspire and transform all environments with your radiant light. Love Out Loud!

4. Respect the Mystery and the Magic…let go of the need to know. Trust in the Unseen. Feel your way forward. And if this feels a little scary or overwhelming sit in Guided Meditation, through voice and visualisation you sense the vastness of your BEing and will truly know that you are so much more than your physical body.

5. Breathe to believe. Focus on your breath…slow inhale…long exhale…stillness supports clarity and a big capacity to create from within.

I honour you as Soul Travellers; I honour all that you are and all that you are becoming…may miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease…only Love.

If you feel guided to begin a daily meditation practise, follow the link below to join my free closed group ‘Temple AshaTara’ where I go Live most mornings at 6.30am.

All blessings of Illumination…Tanya xxx

Artist: Randy Burns