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November 11, 2019
Solstice Ceremony – Love Your Light!
December 21, 2019
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Gemini Full Moon – 333 – The Revelation of New Thought

This moon is truly ‘full’ bringing the blessings of 333 which is richly symbolic of life, abundance and spiritual awakening to make manifest Divine Source Intelligence, the Wisdom, Power and Love within you, to support your creative capacity to ‘change your thoughts’!

Just in case you are unsure of why there is the 333; the full moon falls on the 12th(1+2=3) day of the 12th(1+2=3) month in a universal 3 year (2019=12=3).

We are on the threshold of a new decade, which means we are bringing closure to this decade, and the air element of Gemini is guiding you to your heart and opening you to beautiful self-love so you can LOVE all that you are and all that you are becoming as you dance through new doorways of inspired direction with a lot more connection!

It is powerfully perfect that this final full moon for 2019 is leading you in this window of awakening and preparing you for the enlightening energies of the Solstice, then the Solar Eclipse and into the Holy Heart vibration of 2020.

The most beautiful blessing that you can gift to self now is a deepened awareness of the Power of your Thoughts to both Prosper and Propel your Prayers to flow forth as a currency of love, carrying Christ Consciousness into every exchange.

Christ Consciousness is the embodiment of the teachings of all the Ascended Masters, including Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, White Eagle, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Buddha…and so many more. The teachings that illuminate your Divine Will; where you are consciously choosing a return to love and living the soul qualities of kindness, compassion, brotherhood, unity, integrity, abundance, well-being and joy.

You hold the Christ Light within you…the beautiful threefold flame of all wisdom, power and love, the Divine spark that is the absolute essence of your True Nature. This inner knowing is what you will walk courageously into this new generation of spiritual wealth as a torchbearer, a way shower, a light leader, a beacon shining and sharing hope, living the Golden Age of Aquarius that is the New Earth Prosperity Paradigm.

The Power of your Thoughts to produce Miracles through prayer, affirmation and meditation is so beautifully expressed through the allegory of Christmas – perhaps you could allow the possibility that…

‘Shepherds and Sheep’ – the importance of ‘watching over’ our thoughts in meditation and prayer.

‘The Angel’ – you are guided, guarded and protected…let go of all fear.

‘No Room at the Inn’- when our mind is too busy, we cannot birth anything new.

‘Wise Men coming from the East’ – our capacity to choose new thoughts and embody our light and the wisdom within us.

‘The Stable’ – only in a quiet space of stillness and sanctuary are you able to ‘birth’ something new.

‘The Star’ – you are the light!

‘The Virgin’ – representing pure thoughts, new consciousness. Through the immaculate birth of new consciousness, the light of the star enters the stable…the heart.

Jesus is the teacher, the mentor to mindfulness. Christ is the spiritual consciousness within you.

Christ is not the ‘surname’ of Jesus…he was anointed the Christ to support YOU to become ONE with Christ Consciousness…LOVE IS YOUR RELIGION.

Beneath the glow of this Gemini Full Moon, let go of all lingering indecision that limits you…rest in meditation and prayer, choose thoughts that will claim your soul success for a new generation…and contemplate the true meaning of Christmas for you…choose LOVE.

All blessings of illumination and joy…Tanya M AshaTara xxx

Artist: Orit Martin