Thursday Evening Flower Readings and Guided Meditation

Flower Readings are a significant aspect of my unique gift due to my connection with flowers; they have the remarkable ability to capture and hold the essence of your energy, and as a channel, I am able to bring through messages that guide and support your soul path.

I recommend that you let your flower, leaf or foliage choose you! Always ask permission and treat this as ceremony in preparation for the evening ahead – place your intention, prayer or question ‘into’ the flower, place into a paper bag and bring with you to leave in the basket provided at the door.

We begin the night with a guided meditation, followed by the flower readings – only you know your flower, so only you know which message is for you…however, you will find to a greater or lesser degree that all the flower messages ‘speak’ to you on some level.

Time: 6.30pm

Exchange: $15.00

flower readings



Take a listen to some of the past Flower Readings for this year: