Day 32 of ‘An Altar a Day for 33 Days…’
May 14, 2017
Super New Moon in Gemini – Why is it a Super New Moon?
May 24, 2017
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Day 33 – Completion of an ‘Altar a Day for 33 Days…’

Day 33 – completion of an ‘Altar a Day for 33 Days…’

“Just as a mother’s heart wraps us in a blanket of Love…so too does the Love of the Divine Mother wrap us in grace, goodness and radiant rays of light…

It is the heart of the Mother that heals the wounded child within us and offers her light to lift us to higher perspectives of ourselves and our world…

By ‘altar-ing’ how you feel about yourself; loving yourself deeply and divinely, you will remove the drapes of doubt…lift the curtains on your creativity and raise the blinds that have held you back to SEE with great clarity, the windows to your illuminating soul…

You are perfect, whole and complete. You are enough and you are beautiful and blessed beyond belief…I honour your light, your heart for service and the Love that leads you…because only this Love is real…”

*This altar is in honour of the celebrations today of Our Lady of Fatima…I was gifted this beautiful statue of her grace from a very special friend who had been gifted this as a child in Portugal – she felt guided to gift it to me after a lifetime of walking with her across countries and through many challenging life experiences…and yet the universe guides us together to heal and to shine and to share more love…she is very precious to me and is one of my greatest signs that Love is real and that we are all guided, guarded and protected beyond belief…bless you Gloria…your heart is truly that of a healer…xxx