Day 2 – In Appreciation of Your Flow
July 15, 2019
Lunar Ecipse and Full Moon Flow in Capricorn
July 15, 2019
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Day 3 – In Appreciation of Your Beauty

Blessings beautiful souls and a warm welcome to Day 3 of our 21 day journey ‘Meditate to Illuminate Your True Divine Nature…of Beauty’.

You are an exquisite spark of the Divine Holy Mother/Father God.

Your beauty blooms naturally from within you; from a heart that is happy and thankful to be present upon this planet.

Let your heart gently lean into a love that cannot be contained; a love that expands through right choice and the vibrant voice of your intuition.

Do not blind your beauty by seeing misery when there is magnificence! Like walking through an abundant garden and only seeing the weeds amongst the stunning flowers!

What you notice in your world will always mirror what sits within you; a negative mind will notice negative things…a positive, joyful mind will delight in noticing magical things. This is the Divine Law of Attraction.

Reclaim your power to choose.

Value your True Divine Nature of Beauty so you can choose to see the beauty in others too. It may mean looking beyond their bitterness or bad behaviour. Bless them for the beauty of their teachings around unconditional love. Appreciate them, as you trust and appreciate the Divine Design of your life unfolding in wonderful ways, every day.

All love and soul illumination…Tanya xxx

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