Day 1 – In Appreciation of Your Courage
July 15, 2019
Day 3 – In Appreciation of Your Beauty
July 15, 2019
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Day 2 – In Appreciation of Your Flow

Blessings special souls and welcome to Day 2 of our 21 day journey ‘Meditate to Illuminate your True Divine Nature…Your Flow’.

There is a beautiful quote by Lao Tzu that shares “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force”.

You are living in a rigid world of rules, routine and resistance, there often seems very little ‘natural’ about it. Fear, control and confusion often become the driving force in your day; the need to hold on is exhausting, and your energy levels can drop dramatically when you are pushing away peace to pursue the acceptance of others and the illusion of time.

The only ‘force’ that will ever fulfil you is the force of LOVE. Louise Hay, the Priestess of Positive, shared ““I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life.” Yet change is so terrifying to many (the opposite of love), who then settle for comfort at all costs…and that cost can be very high! It will rob you of your radiant life energy and the joy of living in FLOW.

Your sacral chakra, your emotional body, is the domain of your inner child and children love change and the creative play provided in fresh environments that stimulate their mind, body and soul…that feel flexible and free…they ‘Flow to Grow’ and so do you.

When you value the vibrant life force of love…self-love, you will appreciate the beautiful aspect of your soul that loves to go with the flow. This powerful peace will support others around you to slow down, breathe, believe and receive more love… your surrender is your service to others…and your smile… because a smile is the universal language of love.

All blessings of luminous light, freedom and flow…Tanya xxx

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