Your True Divine Nature Meditation Journey
July 15, 2019
Day 2 – In Appreciation of Your Flow
July 15, 2019
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Day 1 – In Appreciation of Your Courage

Dearest Soul Tribe, it felt amazing to sit in a space of sanctuary and stillness this morning with so many special souls to begin our new 21 day journey ‘Meditate to Illuminate your True Divine Nature’.

It is my heart intention for this journey that you come into a deeper space of love and appreciation for all that you are; so often you are blinded to your value, your worth and your beauty through daily distractions, doubt and disbelief.

These may prevent the peace and power found in your Divine connection, that always supports the wisdom, power and love within you.

Each day on this 21 day journey I am going to gift you a soul quality that you can appreciate as an aspect of your True Divine Nature and I have decided to share this with you in a daily email…it does not matter if you are not participating in the morning meditation practice…simply enjoy the feeling of focusing your love and appreciation on the soul quality within you and take this into your day to shine and share with others.

The quality for appreciation today is COURAGE.

How will you receive and value your Courage? You may think that you do not possess this quality, but deep in the temple of your heart, you will see, feel, hear, understand and acknowledge your Courage…be inspired by the following;

*The Courage to create change from within.

*The Courage to communicate your feelings.

*The Courage to trust in the wisdom within you.

*The Courage to face all problems with love.

*The Courage to shine your light.

*The Courage to be grounded deeply in the heart of Earth Mother.

*The Courage to feel your shakti power and be strong.

*The Courage to Let Go and Let Grace.

*The courage to learn.

*The Courage to receive the signs and symbols of the Universe.

*The Courage to VALUE all that you are and all that you are becoming.

I honour your divinity, your light and your courage to stand strong in your truth,

All blessings of love and illumination…Tanya xxx