December 30, 2019
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January 25, 2020
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Cancer Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – Be a Pilgrim

Cancer Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – Be a Pilgrim.

How blessed we are to have the first full moon of the year aligned with the comfort of Cancer; all the Mother energies expanding like a big heart hug, holding you in a space of Grace as you feel the fullness of your emotions and sense of self.

And how perfect that this ‘big heart hug’ is magnified through the potent power of a Lunar Eclipse, because an eclipse can only occur when the moon and sun are on opposite sides of the Earth…so you are ‘held’ in the middle of this cosmic moment to make manifest your prayers and potential.

A Full Moon is for letting go in order to grow. An Eclipse is for (r)evolution; a surge of support that enables you to evolve through Divine Inspiration. This is an opportunity for you to regain ‘20/20 vision’ and align with your Soul’s perfect plan.

The Mother love of Cancer is for healing your heart – a beautiful blessing to receive right now as we collectively weep for the natural and unnatural (fires, families, animals, devastation, political unrest) circumstances that surround us.

“Let the Mother Moon Light, empower your sight to always see the true beauty in thee…”

The beauty of your sensitivity, your vulnerability, your pure emotions. Let your heart now beat to the rhythm of life; feel the cycles and seasons that are mirrored in your own journey as you align with your Soul’s Divine Plan.

Trust in the constant of change. Pray. Meditate to illuminate all that you are and all that you are becoming…for you are beautiful and blessed by the ‘unseen’ support that heals and reveals the wisdom, power and love within you, that will always ‘feed your faith’ and walk with you on your Path of Pilgrimage to Love.

All blessings beloved Soul Travellers…Tanya M AshaTara xxx