Day 4 – In Appreciation of your Abundance
July 15, 2019
Illuminate Your True Divine Nature of Inner Peace
August 6, 2019
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Black New Moon – The Divine Void

Black New Moon – The Divine Void Vibration

Do not let the title of ‘Black New Moon’ repel you from the potent energy surrounding your beautiful being right now.

A black moon is when two new moons occur within one month and although here in Australia and other countries we will have ever so gently shifted into August, the vibration remains the same.

This Black New Moon embodies the fullness of the Black Diamond Ray, that shimmers with the metallic magic of golds and silvers. It is known as ‘The Still Point’ or ‘The Divine Void’.

It is the womb of Divine Mother, the point of creation, the sacred space of ‘no-thing’. It feels vast, fertile and safe, holding perfect peace and the sound of ‘om’. This is your True Divine Nature in Holy Human Form.

Entering this container of creation is the mighty lion of Leo; his magnificent mane of golden yellows spiralling with the rays of the Great Central Sun and seeding a spark of Divine light to illuminate your dreams and empower your purpose upon this planet.

You are all special souls in the pride of Lion; you all hold unique gifts of service…your smile, your skill, your song, all contribute to the consciousness of a community spirit that co-creates with LOVE.

This is not the time to shrink…it is your time to SHINE!

Can you feel your sweet surge of surrender to change? Your deep desire to make a difference! Can you hear your soul signature seeking expression? Can you see your vibrant vision for living a life that you love to live?

Your optimism opens opportunities of overwhelming joy! Celebrate your True Divine Nature of Courage, Compassion and Creativity. Nudge out the negative to nurture the new and step into Leadership with Love!

All blessings of illumination…Tanya xxx