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March 7, 2017
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March 7, 2017
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Ascension Awareness…Branching Out From the Inside…

Ascension….What Is It exactly

The idea of Ascension arises from a deep space of connectivity within all souls who are seeking a space of greater understanding and illumination within a sphere that supports the highest ideals of love and awakening; a new paradigm outside of the ‘need to know’ but aligned in wholeness with the ‘need to grow’. This is a general overview of something that has been stirring for the longest time, yet is being spoken into reality by the sacred sounds of souls uniting to Divine a better way, a more embracing experience of encompassing the light that lifts from other dimensions.

The idea of Ascension is often impressed upon you as a place to transport to; a place that exists outside of yourself and your reality as you know it – some perceive it to be a vast source of high energy that is needed to be reached as a destination…however…..Ascension is not transporting, it is transforming! It is occurring within you – within every cell that resonates and radiates with your heart intention to love and be love.

The Ascension energy is literally rising within your Being, raising your frequencies so that you do feel as if you are lighter, freer and for some, almost the physical experience of feeling taller – this is because Ascension is raising your light bodies to support your physical bodies in BEing all that you can be on a plane of infinite awareness and possibility…it is your own limitation that you are leveraging from!

This joyous journey is highlighting the positive aspects of your spirit to illuminate the darkest aspects of your soul, for they are One and the same – and as the dance of unity Divines a new direction inward, you define your essence as one of balance and poise and peace because as you settle the synergy of male/female archetypes, you find that the unique codes of creation within the essence of each energy, combine to create a new model of purpose for the planet.

This model of manifesting magick is more real than the reality you perceive to be real for you now….this model of magnificence speaks from the heart , to the heart of the matter on all occasions….less drama, more decision….decision to be powerful, responsible and in full recognition of the light that shines and shares from the inside….out.

Now we begin to see the Ones who have been humbly walking their wonderful, quietly, arise and awaken with a new voice….a vibration that strengthens and supports all souls who need to resonate with a frequency that favours growth and grounding into the New Earth Awareness…. the hand that stretches to save us from those who seek to control…this power is dissolving as more are deciding to walk a new way, a freer way, a high(er) way of infinite possibility that pulses with the cosmic connections now of many choosing to ascend the density of doubt and lift the lid on limitation….because creation from the heart space deletes confusion from the ‘mind’ place and LOVE leads the way…

AshaTara and Shekinah speaks….

Artist: Tomasz Kopera