January 30, 2018
The Year of the Brown Earth Dog – It’s Pawsitive!
February 13, 2018
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Beautiful Soul Travellers, we are approaching a New Moon and the Chinese New Year of the Brown Earth Dog at the end of next week; there is a beautiful energy of beginnings, blessings and synchronicity. We are all being guided to prepare our Heart space and our Home space; you are energy, everything is energy and as a high vibrational, dimensional body of light you have the power to expand or contract the energy in your immediate environment.

Your New Year intentions of manifesting and mastering your soul’s plan through a ‘shift’ in awareness needs to be supported by a ‘shift’ in your physical environment as well. The 11:11 Shift speaks of devotion to your divinity; surrendering to stillness, expanding and receiving self-love, adorning your inner temple with Divine dialogue, listening to the call and response of your heart as it aligns with the gentle guidance of your intuitive knowing…your soul speak.

“through your temple you prepare the Altar of your own Awakening”

Your home must mirror your inner temple. As you consciously co-create to clear old energies, attachments, patterns and beliefs you are ‘Letting Go to Grow’…Where in your home are you not ‘Letting Go’? Are you holding on to things that no longer serve you in anyway? Clean and clear the energy; in meditation ask your home where the energy feels blocked or cluttered or in need of something that will support more love. It may be that you need to rearrange the furniture, bring in a salt lamp or simply sage in every room…begin it now!

Choose to surround yourself with things that you love, that make you happy. Discard everything that holds the residue of regret or resentment or pain or separation. Let your home speak of your love – let your home hold all your vibrations and values that speak of empowerment and growth. Let crystal beings bring in their light, let fragrant oils purify, let the splendour of nature in flowers and foliage bless your new beginnings.

Collect the sacred signs gifted from Earth Mother as valuable treasures; feathers, stones, shells, heart shaped leaves…create altars, ceremony and ritual. Include statues of deities that support your devotion, candles, words that form and flow in wonderful ways on oracle cards or penned in your own hand, display them all with grace and gratitude. Hang your child’s or your grandchild’s art somewhere that makes you smile…their creations love out loud and are quite contagious!

All these things make you feel good and when you feel good you are manifesting greater good. Allow yourself to feel mysterious and magical…wear clothing that feels sacred on your skin; let your love shine. You are in a process of radiant renewal…we all are!

Your soul yearns to learn! Learn more of the infinite possibilities available on your path of purpose. If you are a Gold Coast resident, gift yourself a place on my next “Soul Illumination Program”. 11 weeks of wonderful awakening. If you have done this program before and it is speaking to you again, then do it again – you will receive the learning on a whole new level of love and find an even brighter point of power.

All abundant blessings……Tanya xxx

Soul Illumination Program 2018