Tanya AllisonAbout Tanya Allison

I love my life! I love that through all the challenges, heartache, rejection and obstacles, I have always felt guided by true grace. Choosing faith over fear, I have marvelled at the optimism of my child archetype; believing in miracles, magic and delighting in the abundant signs and symbols of the universe…I have never felt alone!

Through many years of service I have come to understand with great clarity, that my purpose on this planet at this time of creation is to support the soul’s illumination process during ‘the shift’ – opening a sacred space for you to experience personal empowerment by raising your vibrations and naturally aligning you with your soul’s Divine plan; the Divine design for your life.

Happiness happens when you find a foundation of love; love for the cycles in your life, love for where you have walked, love for the gifts that you shine and share and love for all that you are and all that you are becoming.

This knowing reveals realms of possibility and lifts all limitation – You are the One you have been waiting for! I am here to help you re-remember the wealth of the wisdom that lies within you.

You are perfect whole and complete – there is nothing that you need to ‘add’ but usually a big bunch of beliefs that you need to ‘release and recycle’ for the true essence of your Divinity to shine.

I feel so incredibly blessed and humbled to be living this life supporting your soul shift through readings of great revelation and radiance for your spirit, through online and in-person empowerment and spiritual anatomy courses, weekly guided meditation and flower reading nights and shining the light and Divine intelligence of AshaTara through writing and sharing her blessings.

If you have found me here I know that you are already awakening to the guidance and synchronicity of the universe – you are ready to receive illumination for your purpose and path. You are absolutely allowing the possibility that you are a light body having a Love experience and epic learning adventure to magnify the many gifts that you have been given….yes, there are many!

Earth Mother asks only that you delight in the beauty and the joy of living a life you love to live and this begins with a deep love of self and a sense that there is something magnificent and magical stirring within you; like sacred seeds growing a garden of greater good…always, in all ways, let Love lead the way.

“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too…”  Kristin Martz