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December 21, 2019
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January 9, 2020
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2020 Mission Possible

2020 holds extraordinary opportunities to open gateways to your greatest good fortune and personal empowerment.

Blessings of new ideas and directions will be strongly felt, received and believed as you empower your I Am presence and proceed to propel your purpose upon the planet.

This is the year that you embody the light of all illumination and radiate your unique soul expression in whatever way resonates for you because you hold (and always have) the power to co-create Divine outcomes both for self and for service to the Universal whole.

There is no more need to doubt or disbelieve in the power of your personal prayers because this year you are the

Prophet of Your Prosperity

– the word ‘Prophet’ means Magnetic Speech… you will literally magnetise to you, the miracles and magic that you deeply desire to see made manifest in your wonderful world.

2020 is the year that you gladly take responsibility for your own growth…many years of searching outside of yourself have helped you to understand completely that all wisdom is within you!

This is the year that you experience your true BEing as exquisite light energy and step into leadership with love, as a luminary of Divine Revelation.

A revelation is a new knowing that you consider as truth in every fibre of your body and soul, and there are now rich revelations revealing to you the absolute power held in your I Am presence and the power of your spoken word in alignment with Divine Law… your word is a wand to weave magic and miracles.

The timeless teachings of the ancient mystery schools and Ascended Masters have always taught you to thrive through the power of your word…to claim your Soul Success.

Be in your heart. Let a Divine Dialogue of richly inspired thoughts rise to actualise, all that you wish to feel, heal, earn, experience and embody. Prayer and meditation are the best tools to build Spiritual wealth.

2020 is the year that you Find Your Faith.

Cast away all fear because Divine Love is now flooding the earth. Fear may once have fooled you into feeling unworthy or inadequate or not enough, but as a jewel of the diamond light, you welcome your fears as friends and great teachers.

You have seen beyond all illusion to true inspiration – to the infinite possibilities for your perfect path.

It is good to contemplate new questions as you enter realms of radiant expression;

“Do you believe in the beautiful unseen forces that support you and nurture you?”

“Are you aware that you and only you, can co-create and activate your soul’s perfect plan?”

For some in 2019, there has been a lot of seeking but not a lot of committing. Only true willingness can weave new beginnings and blessings for you…no-one can do for you, what you can do from within you.

You will thrive in 2020 through an educated understanding of the energy of exchange! Educated speaks of ‘the laws of Prosperity’ that teach you the wisdom of the ancients who understood that giving and receiving were natural and necessary and now you must re-remember the balance and bounty that is sustained through consistent giving.

Give to the people who inspire you, or mentor you or balance you… or give to preserve the places on the planet that are vortexes or sacred sites; through abundant conscious giving, you will be receiving an equally abundant exchange under grace…this is spiritual law.

Every single thought that holds the energy of scarcity, has to by ‘Law’, create more scarcity in the physical manifestation of lack, limitation or dis-empowering outcomes.

Every prosperous thought holds the energy of plenty and by ‘law’ must manifest as prosperity and success in the physical plane…this is the Power that you hold in your prayer, your imagination, your physical choices and actions.

Making conscious choices that include self and service to the whole are what will truly awaken prosperous ideas and inspiration.

Embody Christ Consciousness, for Jesus was the Master Teacher of Divine Law and how to open your flows through the currency of Love in Action…this is Mission Possible!

2020 is the year that you wake up and shake up your efforts of energy exchange. You are worthy to receive! Stop limiting your financial flows through your stubborn scarcity beliefs! Decide not to do this anymore. Let them go so that good fortune can grow.

It is your birthright to be blessed with prosperity and plenty – it is your false beliefs that block the energy channels of flow.

Open your energy centres, your chakras, feel the fire of Divine love alive within you and you will be clearing the way for grace and good fortune to pour forth upon you.

There is nothing spiritual about poverty. God’s grace is to use you as a Holy Human vehicle for showing the Way; the Way of Love. How is this possible through a poverty consciousness? It isn’t.

Can you see how you prevent prosperity through your thoughts? Can you also see how you can change and choose to co-create in new ways with new thoughts right now?

You are born of love. A spark cannot fuel a flame without air. The element of Air is directly connected to your Heart Chakra; YOU ARE SACRED. Align with the breath of the Divine and embody new beginnings through the power of the spoken word. Spiritual Wealth equals Abundant Wealth!

Find freedom! Every dawn is a new day. A reset, a new moment to manifest from the miracle of your Divine radiant light. In 2020 you Master your magnificence… are you ready to inspire your personal path and support others to awaken to theirs?

Love out Loud, for love simply cannot be contained; it is a contagious co-creation that spreads into the hearts of humanity through kindness and compassion. We are all carriers of ‘at-ease’ as opposed to ‘dis-ease’.

You hold unique healing gifts that are made manifest through the threefold flame of wisdom, power and love – this is Christ Consciousness; aligning your Divine will to the grace of unconditional love and goodwill, that heals and reveals the true beauty in every Being.

Choose to Be and see beauty and abundance in all living things.

See your life of illumination in your imagination, then take small steps that support you to feel in alignment with your vibrant vision.

You will flourish through faith, find peace through patience and be abundant through your spiritual awakening. The heart of the Divine will always direct you and connect you to your soul’s perfect plan.

You are the Guardian of your Golden Galaxy… you are the magic! The magician that wields the wand to manifest miracles…Believe. Believe. Receive.

Love is the leader

Be a believer

Everything is shifting and gifting

To your soul’s calling NOW…Amen.


Mission – know the power within you.

Magic – use your words as a wand.

Message – be bold in all that you wish to create.

Manifest – through prayer and meditation.

Miracles – you are a miracle manifesting more miracles.

Note to self: BE mindful that your magic can only manifest through your unique expression…it is YOUR MAGIC.

In illumination, devotion and love …Tanya M AshaTara xxx