November 22, 2018
January 4, 2019
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2019 – A Universal 3 Year of Happiness, Abundance and Joy…

Guided by Saraswati; the Goddess of Wisdom, Consciousness and the Arts, taking your intentions to new heights through spiritual knowledge and Transformation.

Words cannot fully express the Divine potential for your personal empowerment during this Universal 3 Year – it holds a holy vibration that must first be felt in the depths of your emotional body and rise to surface as truth, your truth, from a big heart space of grace that embodies the wealth of the wisdom within you.

This 3 Year holds a holy vibration because the number 3 itself, has throughout time represented the Divine intentions for your mind, body and spirit experience in human form. The holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mother) opens us all to the Divine Christ consciousness connection that supports us to ‘see’ through the lens of love, the infinite possibilities available in this vast ocean of opportunity, that we know as LIFE.

If you are yet to experience the fullness of the depth of your emotional body and are still seeking the courage to express this as your truth, good, bad or indifferent, then get excited!

During 2019 you will leave ‘the shallows’ and dive deep! Deep into the immersion of your feminine BEing – to experience yourself fully in your sacral chakra and know intimately the emotions that trigger happy and sad, separation or union, poverty or prosperity – this is a year to CHOOSE for yourself what it is that you want for your Soul Path…a year to CHOOSE YOU.

BUT…happiness, joy and abundance are feelings that can only be found in the ‘Well of your Own Awakening’ – you must draw from the full experience of ‘contrasts’ to understand what it is that you wish to create. And you will create! It is impossible to know Joy if you have not also met pain and hurt, as it is impossible to enjoy abundance if you have not met scarcity…and so on.

These emotional challenges will be exciting and inspiring if you choose to “feel your way forward” through 2019. Many of you opened your hearts to receive more self-love and self-acceptance in 2018, you restored right relationship with yourself and the world around you, and now you are ready to rise from the ashes, Awake to your Awareness, and breathing new beliefs upon a fire that is raging with your radiant light. A light that burns with beautiful joy, hope, abundance, kindness and compassion.

The fuel that flames your fire is LOVE.

LOVE for the acceptance that you have found for yourself and now find for others too. This love feels like freedom and illuminates JOY.

You will all experience moments of breathtaking Joy in 2019, through exquisite self-expression, because the seat of your success and all creation flows from SOUND. Your unique Soul Sound (your voice) rises from your emotional well-being (*remember you are leaving the shallows and diving deep) supporting you to shine and share from where you are standing right now!

In 2019 your radiant light will show and glow through your GROWTH – growth that is enhanced through devotion, meditation, mantra, prayer and learning, all supporting your seeds of intention held in Holy ground for your physical and spiritual evolution.


Saraswati’s name means “to bring sweetness to the self” – her gifts of knowledge and wisdom are translated through meditation for self-realisation, spiritual knowledge, true prosperity and peace. She is the embodiment of purity and truth, represented by the white swan that is always with her.

Her presence of peace supports new levels of self-acceptance through your soul expression…again through your voice, through sound…this is why she plays the Veena; to gift us the music of love…the vibration of love for all life.

It is important to remember that although Saraswati will gift you with the knowledge to expand your own gifts and achieve success and good fortune – that will be magnified by the light of Lakshmi – do not lose your connection to the Divine, by letting it all go to your head…do not discard your devotion, faith and love…this will be her teaching this year.

In 2019 you take your ‘old mental patterns’ out of the equation so that you can EQUALISE new Paradigms of Purpose, Prosperity and Inner Peace. Love leads with Divine Intelligence in logical ways…it is the mind that confuses the clarity and certainty of Love. Meditation IS the medicine to quieten the mind and rest in your heart, letting go to let in your purpose and passions naturally without force, only flow.

2019 is a year to begin new rituals and ceremony in your daily life. If you already have a daily practise of Devotion…deepen it. If this is new for you, embrace it. Whatever ritual of devotion, meditation, affirmation or prayer that ‘rises’ intuitively from within you, to support you to feel sacred in your skin, will be perfect and powerful every day in every way for you.

Guided Meditation is the Gateway to the dimensional realms of unconditional love and infinite possibilities; all that you ‘see’ in this space of grace is real! Magic is real! Do not doubt how vast and vibrant you feel yourself to be in this space…every ‘intuitive’ nudge is your natural state of BEing. Beyond the physical limitations of your ‘body’ lies the spiritual illumination of your Light Body, the beauty of your highest most Divine aspect of self that seeks only to serve the light as LIGHT!

Love felt as gratitude, happiness and joy expands YOUR LIGHT that you become a LUMINARY – this is your most powerful soul purpose this year! A Luminary is a person who inspires others, who leads from the wisdom within, to make manifest the light in others luminous too…and this brings you back to your personal expression, communication and huge capacity to create through your Voice to ignite a greater Vision and Expression in others. Please know that in 2019, your heart seeks to be of service…big time!

Christ Consciousness embodies ‘Love thy neighbour as you love thy self’ – so as a Luminary you are leading by your language and your light…seeing the light in others as you see your own…a Divine spark of the Source of All That Just Is…We Are All One.

If you have expanded your levels of consciousness, it is your responsibility to support others to do the same; this is the simplicity of service – shining and sharing your light because it FEELS GOOD. And when it feels good, it flows like the waters of a Holy spring, purifying the environment with peace and potential.

2019 is a year of Revelation! Of choosing what lights you up on the inside! Of trusting in a ‘new moment in time’ when you feel anything less than happiness, abundance and joy. Love yourself this lifetime for being willing to experience the full spectrum of your emotional body; when you see your suffering from this perspective, you feel inspired to trust in your soul’s Divine plan…through contrast you create.

Every lifetime is for learning…not yearning for things to stay the same…this does not align with the Divine Law that speaks of change as the only true constant in life.

As this universal 3 year unfolds with meditation as a non-negotiable in your daily life, you will move with ease and grace into your magnificence; manifesting with ‘your word as your wand’, the beautiful blessings of happiness, abundance and joy. These feelings are free of judgement for self and for others because Goddess Saraswati is supporting the ‘sweetness’ of your soul as you empower your path in the positive and see your Soul Illumination as your birthright this lifetime.

Remember, your spiritual path is YOUR truth in each and every moment, not the truth of anyone else – only you can know ‘you’ and only you can ‘feel’ you as you progress in prosperous and empowering ways with the light, laughter and optimism of the Universal Love Language of 3.

Your devotion will always direct you. Awaken to your inner Altar of Abundant Blessings through gratitude and grace, from this sacred space you create a place of potential…fertile with your faith, blessed by your new beliefs and rich with the knowledge that you are now co-creating a Soul Path of fulfillment, flow, beauty, harmony, happiness, abundance, wealth, well-being and JOY!

Beautiful Souls, 2019 will illuminate your intuition beyond belief! Trust in YOU. Believe in YOU. Be the brightest and best YOU. Let Love lead you as you rise in radiant ways to BE THE LIGHT.

I Love deeply, all that you are and all that you are becoming; may miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease….

All illumination and joy…Tanya xxx  *  AshaTara  *

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