February 7, 2018
February 28, 2018
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The Year of the Brown Earth Dog – It’s Pawsitive!

So beautiful is the Chinese Zodiac; I love that it revolves and reveals to you what the energy of a year will be like by aligning it with an animal and an element (each element is matched with a colour) then deepens into basically whether your animal energy is compatible with the year ahead. February 15/16 in 2018 is the Year of the Brown Earth Dog and the energies are ‘pawsitive’ and powerful!

***If you do not know your Chinese Zodiac animal you can find out here

This new year vibration is abundant and empowering for all the sensitive souls who have a huge heart for service and walk with gentle, loving compassion, shining and sharing their light, giving all who are blessed to be near them permission to do the same…this will not be a good year for souls who are caught in negative mind sets and push out with selfish and greedy actions that speak of a ‘bark and bite’ mentality because the Year of the Brown Earth Dog holds a very gentle, soft and all-encompassing energy that embraces the well-being of those who feel connected deeply to the nature and nurture of our Earth Mother.

This is the year for loyalty and devotion to ourselves and all that we put our heart and soul into…dreams will be realised because they have a firm foundation and bless you with the ability to ‘see’ truth and the energy to take action through sacred steps that support you and all those closest to you with feelings of unity, community and sensitivity. If we align with the essence of Dog energy we feel devotion, unconditional love, motivation and a point of power that balances focus with ‘play’…we feel strong relationships based on clear communication where everyone feels acknowledged, seen, heard and felt. We feel forgiving, faithful and connected to the Divine intelligence of the Source of All That Just Is.

All the above is your prescription for prosperity because Dog energy is so creative and inclusive. This year will feel fast, yet fortunate, meditation is the method for the magic. Right relationship with yourself will magnify and manifest right relationship with your soul tribe and right relationship with money, business, purpose and passion. This will be the year that the sensitive ‘singles’ meet kind and kindred spirits (insert happy dance) because you have been willing to walk your wonderful upon this planet, even when the density has made you doubt and perhaps detour from your soul path – you shook it off and surrendered to Divine outcomes and opportunities…by believing you shall be receiving…open your heart.

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog enters with the expansive energies of the New Moon in Aquarius and a partial but powerful solar eclipse. There is no full moon in this month of February, so all the lunar love is focused on you and your big beautiful beginnings; flowering from the sacred seeds of your intentions for Divine outcomes and opportunities throughout 2018 and beyond.

This New moon is about feeling into a greater responsibility for how you react or respond in all areas of relationship; your words are your wand, are they helping you to harness the harmony and ‘flow to grow’ frequencies flooding the earth, pushing you into your highest potential? Is love leading you and feeding you to create from within? Are you choosing your heart calling?

Check in on your beautiful barometer of inner knowing, your intuition will be bang on during this time, offering fresh perspectives to perceived problems that will dissolve into feelings of rebirth and renewal.  Get grounded to feel great! Hug trees, hug yourself, hug everyone…huge blessings of prosperous pathways are opening on the planet…receive, receive, receive.

May your light illuminate all dense energies and direct your devotion in powerful and positive ways…. Tanya xxx

Brown Earth Dog Artist: Dana Hawk