Spiritual Alchemy

Spiritual Alchemy

In Person Courses Available for 2017


“Awaken Your Infinite Potential through Understanding Your Spiritual Anatomy…”

Spiritual Alchemystart date:  Wednesday May 24th 2017 @ 6.30pm (this program will continue every Wednesday evening at the same time for 11 weeks)

maximum participants:   12 extraordinary BEings.

Your chakras hold the clues to your Soul’s Divine Plan and full creative expression…join me on this 11 week beautiful, unforgettable, heartfelt journey of expansive education for self-empowerment and heightened awareness.

As a Divine Being of light having a physical experience, you need to understand how you can expand your infinite potential and sustain a ‘feel good frequency’ on a daily basis for living a life that you truly love to live.

You have been blessed with a barometer that sends signals to your intuitive heart centre when there is stuck or blocked energy preventing your personal empowerment…this is the capacity of your chakras…this course is about understanding your spiritual anatomy and the Divine Directions available to shift your awareness.

Let’s take this trip of a life time together and I will support you through this illumination process, so that you complete this journey feeling lighter, brighter and deeply intuitive in your sacred skin.

The Exchange: $555 – a deposit of $150 is payable to reserve your space and the balance can be spread out over the duration of the course.

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I am in total amazement of what I have been achieving since starting the this 11 week course! I feel blessed to have you teach and guide me.


I love the way you communicate and you have such beautiful loving energy. Thank you so much for all your help in supporting me and others. We all think the world of you. It shows. We feel it. We love you. Beautiful loving light, thank you for spreading your love. We are truly blessed.

Adam Wilson

11 amazing weeks of insights and confronting fears and old patterns head on! Another supportive and nourishing experience with the lovely Tanya, also a great way to connect with inspirational and genuine beings and souls. A great opportunity to share and grow. Thank you Tanya.

Esther Crocker

Tanya is the born facilitator and group leader. Guided by her intuition she supports and guides students into new, sometimes very scary, territory. She provides a very safe space where I felt completely supported no matter what emotions or ideas appeared. This course has been my anchor over the last 11 weeks and I am very sad that it finishes tonight. It really has been life changing, thank you so much Tanya!

Jenny Taylor

Tanya is such an inspiring soul. She shines her light and bathes u in her pure love allowing u to embrace your special gifts and unique qualities. She makes u dig deep and look at aspects of yourself that u didn't know you had. Be prepared for growth on a whole new level.


Tanya’s workshops and meditations are amazing. She has the beautiful ability of bringing your shadows to the light and helping you to combat your dis-ease in the most loving environment. Tanya ignites a wave of ideas and advice to manifest a flood of potential with no walls or ceilings to hold you back. She reminds you that anything is possible and with a simple nod or statement from Tanya, suddenly, things become so much clearer.

Katrina Patterson

Tanya changed my life. I am on a completely different journey now thanks to attending this course. Before this course I was just existing and handling the day to day grind of what I thought was life; going through challenges with a heavy heart and not understanding what was going on with my physical and spiritual body. After finishing the 11 week program, my life -  my journey -  my whole existence has changed. I can honestly say that i am the happiest person that I have ever been and my spirit feels ultra nourished.  I am now looking at life as one big gift that keeps on giving. Challenges that have come my way I now handle in a completely different way which leaves me feeling fulfilled and at peace, I am a greater version of myself today thanks to Tanya. Honestly, the most kind and loving spirit I have ever had the pleasure to meet.