I am a channel. A way seer. I open a sacred space of Divine dialogue to gift you with guidance and heightened awareness; you will fully understand how to create and continue the expansion of your soul purpose.


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ReadingEven the most empowered teachers and healers, experience life like the tides of the ocean – you can feel full and abundant or you can feel depleted and in need of clarity and inspiration.

You are aligned with the cycles of nature and at times it may feel like your seeds of intention will never bloom into full flower; but wherever you are on your path, a Soul Purpose Reading will align and accelerate your personal point of power. It is a bit like fast forwarding your flow onto a frequency that is your own unique code of co-creation with Divine intelligence…love will lead the way.

All readings are recorded to cd or digital format for future reference. It is important that you fully relax into the space without the worry of ‘remembering’ and equally as important to approach this awakening with an open heart and willingness to see your infinite potential and empowered place on this beautiful planet.

Exchange is $110.00

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Soul Reading Empowerment Package

As a Divine Being of light having a human physical experience, you need to understand how you can expand your infinite potential and sustain a ‘feel good frequency’ on a daily basis, for living a life that you truly love to live; a life that holds meaning and purpose through inspired action.

If you are experiencing consistent symptoms of “Soul Sickness” (see symptoms below) I would highly recommend you consider the Soul Empowerment Package.

Soul Sickness Symptoms;

Confusion; an inability to find your authentic voice and speak it; a strong knowing there is something else for you to do or be; feelings of loss; an inexplicable yearning to be ‘home’; feelings that you don’t belong, that you have not found your tribe; lack of direction, yet your heart feels full and ready to be of service.

The Soul Reading Empowerment Package occurs over a three week period and will require a willingness to create change. All sessions are recorded for future reference to cd or digital format.

Week One: A Soul Purpose Reading in person or on skype.

Week Two: An intuitive mentoring session where we clarify your Divine direction and the key points of purpose from your reading in week one (in person or on skype).

Week three: As the wayseer for your Divine direction, together we ‘map your magnificence’ with empowering tools to effectively shift and maintain a ‘feel good frequency’ that will alter your life in magical and abundant ways…this is Spiritual Alchemy – the ability to turn all experiences into love…love for a life that you love to live! (In person or on skype).

Exchange is $350.00

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Di A

I treasure my sessions with Tanya, looking forward to the next steps in my personal growth and awareness to follow my life purpose. Tanya really is a ray of light who has illuminated my world!

Jackie Paterson (The Enchanted Healer)

If you have been thinking about delving into the deep of your enchanted spirituality, but are unsure of how to do it, or where it will take you, I suggest you take this journey with Tanya. You will explore your spirit together in a sacred space by eliminating blockages; this will reveal the truer you and you will start shifting to the person you were always meant to be!