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January 15, 2018
January 30, 2018
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Soul Illumination Program 2018

Soul Illumination Program 2018

Together we are embarking on a beautiful Journey of exploration, expansion and awakening as we flow into areas of understanding your Light Body; the rainbow rays of your Spiritual Anatomy that gift the Life Force and vitality to your physical body.

You are so much more than your physical body; than the complex organs, systems and glands that integrate to activate your physical presence on this planet. You are a magnificent matrix of infinite strands of light energy that connect through the crystalline grid of consciousness…to the Source of All That Just…you are a Divine Blueprint of The Divine.

Your thoughts, emotions and brain are supervised by your soul as a collective aspect of the whole. When you willingly work to heal and enhance your spiritual anatomy, then your spirit, the capable and creative aspect of self, weaves in wonderful ways to manifest new meaning, healing, happiness and harmony to your life experience.

‘You are a Light Body having a human experience perfecting your learning on the language of Love. You do not need to see your future, you need to see your potential! You are a Divine spark of pure Source energy and infinite intelligence. The only absolute to the study of soul illumination is to love yourself deeply in the process.’

Every single soul on this planet has a special spiritual capability and gift. When you are intimately in tune with your spiritual anatomy you are revealing your radiance in the areas that resonate most strongly for you…paying attention to energy, your energy, and how you align and interact with the energy of those you connect and ‘collide’ with on your soul path.

As a Divine Being of light having a physical experience, you need to understand how you can expand your infinite potential and sustain a ‘feel good frequency’ on a daily basis for living a life that you truly love to live.

You have been blessed with a barometer that sends signals to your intuitive heart centre when there is stuck or blocked energy preventing your personal empowerment…this is the capacity of your chakras…this course is about understanding your spiritual anatomy and the Divine Directions available to shift your awareness.

At all times on this journey and in life, be very honest with yourself…you will reap the greatest gains and ‘ah ha’ moments when you stay true to you. There is no greater than or lessor than another… we are in this together. In this program and in life, always see yourself as equal, with an intention to shine and share the very essence of you in service to self and others. I honour your light…

I am so excited to be holding this course again – every group that gathers holds a unique vibration and although I have facilitated this program many times, it appears Divinely different every time. I only work with a maximum of 12 participants – to keep the space feeling safe, enabling beautiful bonds of supportive friendship to form and flow as all grow in grace together. It is a journey of great joy that we never want to end, which is why many special souls have done this course two and even three times.


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“Tanya changed my life. I am on a completely different journey now thanks to attending this course. Before this course I was just existing and handling the day to day grind of what I thought was life; going through challenges with a heavy heart and not understanding what was going on with my physical and spiritual body. After finishing the 11 week program, my life –  my journey –  my whole existence has changed. I can honestly say that i am the happiest person that I have ever been and my spirit feels ultra nourished.  I am now looking at life as one big gift that keeps on giving. Challenges that have come my way I now handle in a completely different way which leaves me feeling fulfilled and at peace, I am a greater version of myself today thanks to Tanya. Honestly, the most kind and loving spirit I have ever had the pleasure to meet….”   Katrina Patterson