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April 5, 2019
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April 18, 2019
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Sea Turtle – Surrender to Joy of the Journey…

Sea Turtle carries the Ancient wisdom, for those that see the magic of transformation through their imagination…the art of the heart.

Sea turtle teaches you to trust in the Divine Timing of all things; to ‘go with the flow’ knowing that you will land where love leads you…’shielding’ the essence of your beautiful soul with the golden light, protecting your peace, purpose and passion.

Be in the moment. Alive and awake to the Joy of the journey, and good fortune will find you – miracles will follow miracles and blessings will never cease.

Be patient…all wisdom is within you. Trust in your intuition to inspire you, guide you and sail you through the seas of change.

All blessings of love and illumination…Tanya x