March 17, 2019
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April 5, 2019
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The Owl of Lakshmi – Silent Success

Lakshmi’s beloved totem animal, the White Barn Owl aligns deeply with her symbolism for wealth and well-being. Lakshmi is the Bringer of Light to our purpose, our prosperity and our truth.

The White Barn Owl flies in complete silence, with grace and wisdom. There is no need to be ‘noisy’ about success, nor is it necessary to work hard and deplete your energy resources because that is what everyone else is doing. Be smart. Rest your ‘vehicle’ and become the great observer of your life.

White Barn Owl makes choices from the wisdom within; certainty, clarity and right action will rise from viewing all perspectives…do not ‘fly blind’. Be a superior ‘listener’ and sense the truth beyond the ‘drama and fuss’. Be in stillness.

White Barn Owl speaks to your soul and says ‘be true to your vision and you will not roam without purpose. Stay connected to your inner light, be a leader from wisdom born of love, do not ‘go under’ the energies of others.

Strive to see the bigger picture, branch out from the accepted ‘norm’ and create! Good Fortune favours the brave; those who are willing to see the fullness of their potential and co-create with the Divine, experience prosperity, well-being, happiness and joy…the Light of Lakshmi.

All blessings of illumination…Tanya x

Artist: Jaaneman Art