2019 – A Universal 3 Year of Happiness, Abundance and Joy…
December 31, 2018
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“Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth…”  Rumi

This New Moon holds ancient wisdom – the gift of the Grandmothers; to see all things through the ‘Lens of Love’.

I invite you to read below your “Note to Self” because this New Moon in Capricorn is nurtured with a partial solar eclipse, bringing a bridge of spiritual energy that will ‘land’ and expand on the full moon lunar eclipse later this month…

Dear Self,

You were born a radiant ray of the Great Central Sun. Walk with this empowering truth and TRUST that you are Living Light!

When you flutter between worlds of indecision, your energy gets a little stuck and this creates feelings of doubt and uncertainty…but when you feel your feet upon the sacred soils, rich with the wisdom of those that have walked before us, you find and flow with the Rivers of Renewal.

Your mind is a powerful tool…use it wisely! Remember that your mind can hinder your happiness; it seeks to support you to remain the same because it has adapted to conditions that create comfort, not change! Your mind will promote a path that is known, with no surprises but your SOUL knows different!

Your soul knows that the only constant is change, and the only certainty is YOUR ability to adapt to change and FLY (Freely Loving Yourself). LOVE will lead you into unchartered terrain because that is where the best bits of you will birth new beginnings.

You are always becoming New, always finding pieces of the puzzle that will empower you…

Move from feelings of ISOLATION to INCUBATION.

Allow the possibility that right now you are cocooned in the grace of the golden light – dissolving old beliefs, distorted thoughts and the need to blame or be right.

Dearest self, within this cocoon of golden light you are breathing…inhaling inspiration, exhaling limitation and anything less than Love, because it is my love for you that will move us along the road less travelled, acquiring Postcards of Possibility and Potential that direct Divine outcomes for the illumination of your Soul’s perfect plan.

Happiness happens in the heart…play your part…Let Go and Let In the Love.

Blessings my beautiful self…I love you xxx