November 6, 2017
2018 Intentions Ceremony
December 9, 2017
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You Matter and You Make a Difference

All of us who love to be of service in real, authentic and empowering ways in our work, home and general environments can experience feelings of ‘give-up’; snapshots of time where we feel overwhelmed by dense energies, where we feel that nothing we do really matters, or that our good intentions are not appreciated or received in any way.

This is your natural mind/body/spirit barometer indicating that your soul needs stillness, renewal and regeneration. Surrender to this inner calling, it is the voice of the Divine pulling you back into your power and through quiet moments of meditation, prayer or walks with nature, you will anchor once more to the beautiful light that lives within you.

Visualise your body as a vessel of light and bring the golden light rays of wellness to you and through you, illuminating every cell, cutting the cords of attachment to drama and doubt and expanding like a flame, burning brightly within your Being, aligning your awareness once more to the truth of who you really are; a light body living the language of Love.

This space of grace is your fuel to flow forward in life, free of expectations and limitations, with an open heart in service to your soul and those around you. Love Out Loud – trusting in your truth and knowing that you are guided, guarded and protected through your devotion. You matter, You make a difference and You are enough.

“Miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease”