New Moon in March 17/18 – Flowing, Feeling and Healing
March 15, 2018
March 24, 2018
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The March Equinox (20/21st March) holds space for the beautiful balance between the light of day and the dark of night. The energy will feel ‘full’ and fortunate and will pull you into your point of power; a place of peace found in the I AM presence.

This is an empowering time to contemplate your values; if you are unsure of what your values are, imagine some-one sharing to a group how you have inspired them, what would you like them to say? That you are wise, kind, funny, loving, compassionate, patient, focused, strong, radiant, accepting, etc, what comes to mind for you? Decide on 2 or 3.

Having chosen 2 or 3 values, now align them with an I AM statement; ‘I AM Loving’, ‘I AM Inspirational’, ‘I AM Vibrant’…your values are tools to expand your point of power in the present moment, they are a love language to self and they will support you to feel and understand what you would love to contribute in service this lifetime.

The March Equinox invites you to create from within, from your point of power and it will open doorways of Divine possibilities, illuminating your recent New Moon intentions. Depending on where you are in the world, you will either be experiencing the spring or the autumn equinox energies.

If moving into the spring equinox you will feel motivated to step out of your cosy comfort zones and ‘spring’ into action, appreciating the perfection of Earth Mother’s blossoms in nature that are supporting you to blossom and shine and share your values in abundant ways.

If you are aligned with the autumn equinox energies you will be feeling the need to retreat, to get off the grid, to get grounded and be gently inspired by nature to integrate your values and co-create from a place of peace and patience.

Equinox energy is very dimensional; loving you up with lots of light, synchronicity, mystery and magic. There will be an increase in money flows, gifts and surprises, so prepare yourself to receive in abundant ways with heart wide open…say YES to living your life doing what you love.

May all Soul Travellers be blessed with balance, beauty and bliss as you walk your wonderful during this equinox of illumination…only Love, Tanya x

Artwork by Christian Schloe