Day 3 – In Appreciation of Your Beauty
July 15, 2019
Day 4 – In Appreciation of your Abundance
July 15, 2019
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Lunar Ecipse and Full Moon Flow in Capricorn

Lose the expectation that others will do for you, what only you can do for yourself! Your voice and the power of choice are the only activations you will ever need to weave your wonderful upon this planet!

During a Lunar Eclipse the Earth blocks the Sun’s Light from reaching the Moon; it is normal for you to feel ‘blocked’ or unable to discern your true feelings around this cycle in time.

What is not normal is a need to search for answers outside of the temple of your sacred heart. The old Sea Goat of Capricorn lends his Full Moon support by sharing that without your willingness and the discipline of a decision, inspired by your dreams of living a life that you love to live, you will feel powerless and without purpose.

This is a transformational time of spiritual celebration and elevation; we are all blessed to be witness to a world awakening from the coma of control and the drug of disbelief.

It is sheer JOY for me to see beautiful souls reclaiming the wisdom, power and love within them and rising in radiant ways through their devotion and connection to Divine Mother/Father God, however that unfolds for you.

Soul Mastery is a choice. Self-love is a choice. Losing the need to lay blame and taking full responsibility for your harmony and happiness is a choice. Shining and sharing your light in service to the greater good is a choice. Living a life you love is a choice…it isn’t luck, it is making a decision and maintaining a dialogue with the Divine.

I leave you with an old quote that holds timeless truth;

“If it is to be it is up to me…” William H Johnsen

All love and illumination…Tanya xxx