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June 11, 2018
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June 21, 2018
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Why is it that there are legions of Lightworkers weaving their wonderful through great service; offering support, healing, help, raising vibrations, opening hearts and serving so many souls in big, beautiful ways BUT to a greater or lessor degree have been held in a money model that has not been expanding as we are?


This year I personally experienced a great shift and I am still integrating fully the magic of this transformation; for many years I have walked a path of heart service; my purpose has been to support the Soul Illumination of many beautiful and inspiring BEings, and I have marvelled daily at how all my needs were met in amazingly abundant ways but what I realised through a deep channelling was that I had never asked for more than ‘that all my needs be met’.

From this, a powerful portal of prosperity consciousness opened wide within me – it was as if I had waited to receive “permission to Receive”! I was guided to ‘see’ that to be fully in service and support on a whole new level, I needed to create abundance on a whole new level and ASK to experience great wealth!

It felt as if ‘fuel’ was firing up my flame…burning through all the illusions! I had not been consciously creating wealth to support my vibrant vision of global teachings.

Finding a willingness for wealth challenged me to the core! I was triggered on every level but what I discovered was a beautiful truth;


It was the distortions in my mind and the dense energy influence of other people’s disempowering money mind sets and the old paradigm patterns of ‘holding out’ financial flows for fear of not being ‘Spiritual enough’ that was stopping a River of Riches from flowing into my life.


I had a lightbulb moment that I want every Light Worker on the planet to have too – (actually several all at once)

  • We are worthy to receive!
  • We are ready for radiant returns on our investment of energy to shine, share and support through heart service…because we are enough.
  • We are willing to Let Go and Let In a new money matrix…because we matter.
  • We are willing to ‘brand’ our brilliance in breathtaking ways, not as ‘Light Workers’ but as ‘Light Leaders’ where the new blueprint for business is heart-centred and ‘felt’.
  • Where we know that “Community is the New Currency” – we cannot vibe without a tribe!
  • We now know that the frequency of 11:11 sightings are all the confirmation we need to SHIFT and LIFT limitation and lack from our Soul Path of Purpose.

The moment I decided to BE WEALTH everything changed. This new frequency of financial flow was filtering into every area of my life…more magic, more beautiful clients, more creative ideas, more connection, more Divine direction and more money! I loved my life before this decision…but now there is soo much more to love!

Grace, gratitude and meditation are all expanding my awareness to the infinite possibilities for my Soul purpose and path – I feel that I am walking wide awake! I feel that I am ready to receive! And I feel that every detour in my life has actually blessed me and  prepared me for true prosperity.


I am so excited to share with you below a link to download my free ebook “The Shift 11:11” because it will gift you with affirmation and confirmation – it will support you to manifest in magnificent and magical ways!

I am also excited to share that, totally ‘left of field,’ I was guided to watch a short webinar; this webinar ‘spoke’ to me in powerful ways! I realised I was viewing a business opportunity that aligned with my values and allowed me to ‘brand’ my heart for service and soul illumination in an incredibly unique way, whilst supported by an almost fully automated platform!

I knew that this was a New Business Blueprint – The Heart-Centred Way! And this is a journey that you do not take alone; a Soul Tribe of beautiful like-minded Light Leaders and Mentors gather to support each other and rise together in wisdom, wealth and well-being…I feel blessed beyond belief to be ‘travelling’ with this tribe who inspire me every day.

If ‘branding’ your purpose and passion in a heart-centred way ignites you and excites you, then complete the short survey below and begin to walk your wonderful as a Light Leader!

All abundant blessings of illumination…Tanya x

Artwork: Michelle Lake