Solstice Ceremony – Sun Syrup for the Soul
June 21, 2018
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July 25th is the last day of the Mayan and Galactic calendar…

(13 moons of 28 days = 364 days)

The Mayan calendar starts on July 26th and ends on July 24th, which means that July 25th is the ‘Day out of Time’.

What does this mean for you today? Energetically this is a day of sanctuary – a day to take a big sacred sigh and feel into the areas of old energy…what feels stuck? What feels like it belongs to an old story? If you are aware of a bit of a void-like feeling today, then you are in alignment with the frequencies of our Earth Mother.

Her frequencies for the ‘Day Out of Time’ are flowing with the light of reset and renewal; it is to pray peace for the planet…to pray for the rich soils and the abundant oceans, to feel the vulnerability of your sensitivity during this day and let your soul stretch in appreciation for the beauty and joy of all life!

Sit in stillness and plant seeds of intention; all that you wish to co-create with the Divine and make manifest in your life. You are powerful beyond belief…BE Radiant, Remarkable and Awake.

May all Soul Travellers ‘meditate to illuminate’ harmony and happiness during the magic of the ‘day out of time’.

All LOVE…Tanya x