Gold Coast Events

Gold Coast Events

I feel deeply blessed to create a space of sanctuary to hold regular weekly events, special events, workshops and courses. This beautiful space is located on Chevron Island and this page will be updated when new dates align to be shared.

Bookings are essential for all events as numbers are limited.


Tuesday Evening Meditation Circle (ON A BREAK UNTIL AUGUST)

Time: 6.30pm

Exchange: $10.00

Welcome to a sanctuary of support and empowerment for the awakening of your soul’s Divine plan. This is a beautiful space to step into each week if you are looking to expand your awareness and invite stillness…a very nurturing and safe environment to drop into your heart and experience greater intuition and synchronicity in your life.

It is my intention to guide you through gateways to your greatest good by feeling the essence of you as pure, infinite energy – this will empower clarity, connection and creative opportunities for you to fall in love with ‘all that you are and all that you are becoming…’



Thursday Evening Flower Readings and Guided Meditation

Time: 6.30pm

Exchange: $15.00

A significant aspect of my unique gift is my connection with flowers; they have the remarkable ability to capture and hold the essence of your energy, and as a channel, I am able to bring through messages that guide and support your soul path.

I recommend that you let your flower, leaf or foliage choose you! Always ask permission and treat this as ceremony in preparation for the evening ahead – place your intention, prayer or question ‘into’ the flower, place into a paper bag and bring with you to leave in the basket provided at the door.

We begin the night with a guided meditation, followed by the flower readings – only you know your flower, so only you know which message is for you…however, you will find to a greater or lesser degree that all the flower messages ‘speak’ to you on some level.



Sunday Guided Meditation In the Himalayan Salt Cave

Time: 2pm

Exchange: $20.00


Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt is also known as “Pink Halite”… and yes, it is a form of (edible) crystal with many metaphysical properties and health benefits.

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt has very similar properties to the beautiful crystal of Rose Quartz and is all about Love, especially self-love. It supports you to make loving choices that enhance a greater sense of well-being and personal empowerment.

Himalayan Crystal Mineral Salt is a natural negative-ion generator. Negative ions mostly occur in nature; created by waterfalls, lightning storms and the breaking waves of the sea – this is why people experience feeling so refreshed and re-energised after a storm or a walk along the beach.

However, in today’s world we are surrounded by positive ‘pollutant’ ions, which are created by things like electronic devices, mobile phones, computers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and more. These things can often exacerbate problems like allergies, stress, asthma and insomnia.

These ‘Sunday Session’ are true medicine for your mind, body and spirit – the guided meditations, aligned with beautiful music, will sing to your soul and soothe you into a deeper space of inner peace and clarity.

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Guided Meditation For Abundance on All Levels

When: July 5th – 6.30pm

Exchange: $20.00




To attend any of Tanya’s events on the Gold Coast send her a message through Facebook or on her Contact Page here.


Megan - Gold Coast

I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Tanya. The words of wisdom, guidance and love that she shares during her meditation evenings are truly magical. Her messages always resonate deeply and provide a source of inspiration and calmness. I especially love how she gently guides us in re-remembering our connection to self, our heart space and her encouragement in nurturing our inner glow to burn brighter…

Catherine Lynch

I have known Tanya for 12 months now; attending flower readings and meditation in her sacred space. Tanya’s spiritual gift is powerful and the meditation is deep and profound. Her flower readings are so accurate, I find myself amazed every time. Thankyou Tanya for guiding me on this wonderful, spiritual journey…

Jenny - Gold Coast

Tanya creates such a beautiful, nurturing space that encapsulates not one, but all, in a bubble of love. Her flower readings bring clarity and insights and act as a soothing balm to the soul…

Gloria Belinha

To give a testimonial about Tanya’s gifts as a soul guide, teacher, mentor and facilitator of guided meditations is not easy as she is the best of the best. I have known Tanya for more than 2 years; she has been an angel in guiding and teaching me, her spiritual courses are easy to understand and very well constructed. I attend Tanya's guided meditations and they are always very healing and profound. Her accuracy through flower readings continue to amaze me. I feel blessed to have Tanya to guide me on my spiritual journey…