The Year of the Brown Earth Dog – It’s Pawsitive!
February 13, 2018
New Moon in March 17/18 – Flowing, Feeling and Healing
March 15, 2018
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The month of February was without a full moon so you experienced a supersized month of making new decisions and new choices with powerful energies to support endings and birth beginnings. Moving into March you are blessed with a vibrant full moon in Virgo, that is holding a big space of love for you to push through your resistance to change and release the need to control, so you can continue to create from the wisdom within you.

Virgo is aligned with our Earth Mother – productive and practical, the Virgo maiden in her purity is passionate about your soul path. Her support brings medicine for your mind that may be a big bit overwhelmed by your leap out of  comfort zones. She reminds you that your need to control will constrict Divine outcomes and possibilities for your path…let go by letting in the nurture of nature, get grounded to get grace.

Too often you ‘choose’ and then ‘abuse’ which means you leap into something that you love only to beat yourself up verbally because you have not received instant results. You are intimately aligned with the cycles of nature, a sacred seed will not flower overnight. You have opened doorways to your dreams, now let your devotion set in motion all of the magic.

It is no surprise that Virgo is aligned with the stomach in your physical anatomy and thrives on digesting Divine dialogue, a diet of doubt or ‘poor me’ will feed your fears, not fuel your faith. Commit to complete in practical, peaceful ways and remember that your self-worth is not measured by your nett worth…your point of power is your prosperity.

May all Soul Travellers release and renew through this lunar landscape of love…only love. Blessings for your bliss.

Artist: Jeanie Tomanek