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June 2, 2019
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July 15, 2019
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Full Moon Flow to Solstice Glow

This Sagittarian Full Moon flow is flavoured with faith, trust, belief, the patience of a saint and the light of a white witch. Yes, it is about switching your focus to the wisdom within you. The sun in Gemini declares what is logically true and the full moon in Sagittarius shares what is emotionally true.

Information meets Intuition…let the adventure begin!

The name of the game is “Your Truth Shall Set You Free”! Not the popular truth, not the social media truth, not the family/friend type truth…your truth!

You are the navigator of your Soul’s Divine Plan; your heart is the ultimate compass, always connected and directed to the Great Central Sun, your radiant point of power.

Let this full moon flow lead you to your truth and ‘love you up’ to receive the golden glow of the Solstice, which is offering you a stunning spiritual ‘spike’, a divinely guided opportunity to take a leap up the ladder and bathe in the cosmic light of your expanded consciousness.

The Solstice supports you to re-remember how intimately you are aligned with the cycles and seasons of our Earth Mother and it is a beautiful time to honour the four cardinal directions…I suggest a ritual below to celebrate this cosmic connection;

*Feel your feet anchored into the Earth and your face turned to the sky, to the rays of the sun.

*Face EAST and honour the rising sun that blesses you with beginnings and a ‘new moment in time’.

*Face SOUTH and honour the heart of the Mother holding your soul’s purpose and Divine plan, feel the passion for raising your awareness and the awareness of others.

*Face WEST and honour the setting of the sun, anchoring your new intentions and your prayers of peace deeply into your sacred skin.

*Face NORTH and honour the strength of your connection and direction held in the heart of your ancestors, with the wisdom of the Grandmothers and the light of your spirit guardians.

*B R E A T H E and B E …you are F R E E.

Free to feel your truth…the heart of the matter…and to manifest magic with the mystery of the Wise Ones.

This Full Moon Flow and Solstice Glow is guiding you to your heart where Happiness Happens! There is an abundance of spiritual support, feel good frequencies and lucky stars! This is the most magical time for all union…with self and with others…a powerfully perfect time for all new beginnings…which is why I am choosing to marry my beloved on the divine date of June 22nd…be blessed beyond belief beautiful souls….

All love and illumination…Tanya xxx