March 24, 2018
5 SYMPTOMS that PERSIST when you RESIST trusting in your Soul Path…
April 15, 2018
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During this Easter break, I feel it is so important to take a moment in stillness to breathe in deeply and acknowledge the beautiful, gentle, nurturing energy available; step away from the commercial hype and listen to the love language in your heart. The dates of Easter are intimately aligned with the cycles of the moon and the energy of the Equinox, so the feminine flows of Mother Moon Love are offering you a window of awakening to infinite possibilities.

Easter is a time to resurrect your life force, to revive your itentions and renew your relationship with the Mother energies of this earth. Her medicine is everywhere. Finding your foundation by feeling the Earth energy (literally bare feet upon the soils and sands) will empower you to ‘rise’ and birth new beginnings for your life. Easter is steeped in symbols of birth for a reason; at any moment in time you have the power to choose to begin again.

Easter is your opportunity to open into greater awareness of your heart and what makes you truly happy. Choose to free all blockages that bind you to the old paradigm of control and limitation, to the new paradigm of purposeful living with passion and empowerment. This enables you to enter deeply into the Divine depths of Christ consciousness which is all about LOVE.

I share with you this beautiful painting ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ created by Francene Hart a very special woman that I met on the Big Island of Hawaii…she says “This painting speaks as a prayer that we may embrace all beings with respect, understanding and tolerance. Six infinity signs create the central torus formation which is filled with symbols from worldwide spiritual traditions, sacred geometry, science and more. The golden egg represents the abundance we create by offering love to the many faces of our humanness.”

All Blessings of illumination and grace…Tanya xxx