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November 6, 2017
January 1, 2018
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The Flow of 2018 –  a Universal 11/2 Year

 11:11 The Shift, is naturally aligning in deep and devotional ways with this powerful, creative energy unfolding.’

2017 has been all about shifting to the ‘now’ moment; awakening your awareness both physically and spiritually to the essence of the ‘true’ you…who you really are and where you really fit. You have been preparing passage to a renewed sense of purpose, re-remembering your passions, your gifts and noticing all that brings you alive and activates your life-force. The ‘breaking down’ of old paradigms through perceived suffering and endings has been necessary to ‘re-build’ your Light Body and expand your awareness to a higher frequency of Love…especially self-love.

The recurring number sequence of 11:11 or variations like 111 or simply 11 have not been random coincidence, rather a radiant reminder that you are the spiritual navigator of your soul’s Divine plan – you are literally pioneering a path of change –  walking away from comfort towards creative. 2017 has opened gateways of guidance, enabling us to co-create with the energy of responsibility by acting intuitively and recognising the wisdom within us.

This has prepared us to enter the spiritual shift of 2018 that is holding the frequency of 11/2 and embodies a deeper depth to self-mastery, mindfulness and manifesting all that your heart desires.

11 – speaks of self-mastery; finding your flow frequencies to best illuminate your gifts that light up your life and that of others – mastering your mind to manifest golden gateways of greater good.

11/22018 will be the Year for Receiving and this can only be made manifest through right relationships on all levels…beginning with yourself and how you feel about your presence and purpose on the planet. Align this with Mother Moon who is overseeing this 11/2 year, amplifying the Divine feminine energies of deep sensitivity rising within you and you find that your capacity to create and live your purpose expands beyond belief!

11:11 – now with Love illuminating your Light Body, you see your radiant heart and feel the full embrace of the feminine aspects of your most sacred self, softening your spirit. You feel flexible and connected to the river that runs deep, you re-remember your Divinity, you Shift your perception and pathways appear.

It is your sensitivity that will serve you now in creative and expansive ways, supporting you to anchor your imagination and act upon your intuition…these will be the keys to your kingdom of living beyond limitation.

Imagination is essential for problem solving – imagining how you want to feel, imagining outcomes, imagining endless possibilities to problems both personal and planetary. Imagination is a co-creation with the Source of All That Just Is, to develop Divine Directions – Mother Moon oversees the Sacral Chakra and the Sacral Chakra is the seat of the Inner Child…this is the year to understand ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It’ and that involves staying light to receive greater insight, outside of the drama and illusion that is the dense energy of the planet.

Solitude will be your syrup for success. Solitude that is intentionally created to listen to the language of love in your heart – stillness and sacred space; feeling your emotional body and birthing new beginnings that align with the essence of you.

Boundaries will be important but so too is connection – feel your tribe to know your vibe – people are important participants on your path now. All people provide opportunities to master the mind i.e. react or respond, resist or receive, relate or run…right relationship again is the theme for 2018.

Without a willingness to master your mind through meditation, mantra or spiritual guidance, you will struggle to fully feel your way forward and be in the flow to grow. Happiness happens when you align your spiritual anatomy with your physical anatomy, delicately dissolving old tired cords of connection and trusting in a creative collaboration with the Divine.

2018 will illuminate your intuition. It will be compassionate, forgiving and very fortunate. The flavour of how you live your life will be seasoned with hope, harmony, support and acts of service – be the light to live right. Visualising the Golden Light will lift the dense energies that can pull you off your path. Constantly imagining yourself as a Light Body of the rainbow rays, will assist you to feel radiant and ready to love out loud; living your life in the flow of what feels good for you. This year will be swift, so grounding into the grace of Earth Mother will promote peace and empowerment.

Asking the right questions will support your Shift;

*If you have been asking for greater health, wealth, happiness… have you opened your reality to receiving this prosperity…really? Do you ‘pull in’ only to then ‘push away’?

*Are you aware that you are energy? That energy is the essence of exchange?

*Are you trusting in Divine outcomes? Can you let go, let grace and be patient?

*Have you created a sacred space for stillness and sanctuary?

Daily ritual and ceremony is both your anchor and your point of preparation – it is opening to believe and receive. We live in a wonderful, beautiful world…let nature nurture you. Our Earth Mother holds only love, her vibrations are strong and through the soles of your feet on her sacred soils you can ground your seeds of intention…it is through her grace that your garden of abundance will bloom brightly; look to the trees for guidance and live their powerful message…

“A tree will never hold on to dead leaves and with strong roots will laugh through the storms”

All blessings of love and illumination…Tanya xxx

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